Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

#1 MDY Warriors defeat #16 AJA JAGUARS 66-19!

The number sixteen seeded Atlanta Jewish Academy Jaguars faced off against the number one seeded Magen David Yeshiva Warriors on Thursday afternoon. Magen David started off strong with two layups from Albert Nsiri and a three from Michael Natkin. They added on with Ray Jajati’s left-handed layup to make it a 9-0 Warriors lead. Michael Natkin and Ray Jajati both added further with layups. However, the Jaguars got themselves on the board with layups from Oran Porat and Noah Kalnitz and made the score 13-4. The Warriors came right back with a three from Victor Braca and a three from Michael Natkin. The Jaguars responded with a layup from Oran Porat, but the Warriors continued to push with two layups from Albert Nsiri and one layup from Victor Braca to make it a 25-6 lead for the Warriors. The Warriors didn’t stop there. The got two more layups; one from Edmond Antebi and one from David Beyda. The Jaguars scored one more layup before the first quarter ended, and the Warriors had a 29-8 lead.

The Warriors continued their high-speed offense with David Beyda’s layup to begin the second quarter. Daniel Chasen hit two free throws for the Jaguars to make the score 31-9. Jacob Zaccai responded with a free throw of his own for the Warriors. David Beyda added further for the Warriors with a three-pointer and a layup to make the score 37-10. Abie Nahamias hit a layup of his own for the Warriors, but the Jaguars responded with a jumper from Eliot Sokol. The Warriors came right back, though, with a free throw and a layup from Albert Nsiri, a layup from Michael Natkin, and a layup from Ray Jajati to make it a 46-12 Warriors lead. The Jaguars scored once more before the half but were still down 46-14 at the end of the half.

The Warriors started off the third quarter up by thirty-two and looking to make that lead bigger. That they did with an alley-oop to Albert Nsiri and a layup from Jacob Bijou. The Jaguars came back with a three from Gabi Gadelov to make it a thirty-three point lead.  Michael Natkin came right back, however, and hit an easy jumper. It looked almost too easy for the Warriors. The Warriors just wasted some game time by passing the ball around for two whole minutes. After an uneventful third quarter, the Warriors were leading 52-17.

The fourth quarter began as the third quarter ended. Magen David continued to attempt to waste time while the Jaguars continued their long list of struggles. Noah Kalnitz, from AJA, hit a pair of free throws, but Edmond Antebi hit two layups, Eddie Manopla hit a layup, Jacob Zaccai hit two layups, and David Beyda hit a layup to make the score 64-19. Jack Guindi hit a jumper to push the Warriors’ lead to forty-seven. The final score would be 66-19. The Warriors lead scorer was Albert Nsiri with thirteen points.

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