Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Posnack Jewish Day School RAMS defeat MTA LIONS 61-44!

After a devastating loss for the David Posnack Jewish Day School Rams on Thursday, they were determined to rip up the competition in Tier 2 as the #2 seed. The Rams took on the #6 seed, the Marsha Stern Talmudic Academy Lions, in hopes of quickly setting themselves up to win the Tier 2 championship. The Rams quickly made the game theirs picking up 15 points in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. The Lions were not worried, and played tough and tight defense and kept up on offense as well. Junior, Gideon Greenberg on the Rams hit four threes just in the first quarter alone. The Rams ended the quarter with double the Lions points, 24-12.

The Rams did not slow down in the second quarter, picking up quick points in the first few minutes. The Rams had a great quarter passing and getting good open shots. Despite the Rams great offensive quarter, Josh Treuhaft of the Lions kept the teams’ spirits up, scoring 6 points in the second quarter, some of the only points for the Lions this quarter. But Greenberg’s beautiful shooting did not stop in the first quarter, and the Rams ended the first half up 42-20, keeping a good lead over the Lions. 

The second half got off to a fiery start by the Rams, with Jaden Shir stealing and scoring 4 points in the first minute alone. Jonathan Rhein hit two threes in the first 2 minutes. The Lions started hitting threes towards the middle of the third quarter as well. But a few threes weren’t enough to close the lead, as they were still down by 25 points towards the end of the quarter. The Rams ended the quarter up 23 points, with a score 57-34. 

With not much hope left and only 8 minutes to come back, the Lions kept their defense tight and their offense quick. Binyamin Scheinfeld of the Lions scored back-to-back layups in the post in the first 2 minutes. However, a win was highly unlikely and almost impossible for the Lions at that point. They were down by 17 with four minutes left. High scorer for the Lions, Josh Treuhaft, scored 17 points. Gideon Greenberg, led the Rams with 18 points. The final score was 61-44. The Rams seriously proved themselves as a competent team to win the 2023 Cooper Yeshiva Invitational Tier 2 championship.

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