Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Wildcats Storm Back to Stun TABC, 46-44, in a Thriller

In the thrilling showdown between the TABC Storm and the Milken Wildcats, the first quarter unfolded as a fiercely competitive battle where both teams showcased their defensive prowess and offensive skills. TABC managed to gain a slight edge during this period, offering a glimpse of the intense contest that lay ahead.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, the pattern of closely matched play continued. Both teams exhibited their basketball talents on both ends of the court, making every possession count. TABC managed to maintain a 6-point lead as they approached halftime, solidifying their presence in the game.

The third quarter was a turning point as the Milken Wildcats, spearheaded by the remarkable performance of Brandon Kline (#12), mounted a spirited comeback. Kline’s exceptional skills quickly closed the gap, and the period remained hotly contested. Despite Milken’s resurgence, TABC held onto a slight advantage, setting the stage for a thrilling finish.

The fourth quarter erupted with an intensity that electrified the entire arena. Milken’s tenacity paid off as they overtook TABC, securing the lead and maintaining it until the final buzzer. The game concluded with a final score of 46 for Milken and 44 for TABC, showcasing the relentless determination and skills of both teams.

Brandon Kline was the standout performer of the game, leading all scorers with an impressive 27 points. For TABC, Yakir Adams contributed significantly with 10 points.

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