Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Blazing Victory: Hillel Heat Outshines Fasman Yeshiva in Fiery Matchup

In a high-stakes Tier 2 matchup, Fasman Yeshiva High School clashed with the formidable Hillel Heat in a fiercely contested battle. From the opening tip-off, both teams exhibited unwavering determination and a clear intent to emerge victorious.

Fasman Yeshiva took an early lead, quickly notching up a few points. However, the Hillel Heat swiftly seized control, showcasing excellent passing and driving skills. Eli Braha, wearing the number 2 jersey for the Heat, displayed composure and facilitated his team’s smooth offensive movement. Their precision passes and well-executed shots allowed the Heat to amass an 8-point lead over the Yeshiva.

Undeterred by the deficit, Fasman Yeshiva maintained their composure, maintaining a strong defensive presence while remaining agile on offense. The first quarter concluded with the Heat in the lead at 22-10.

As the second quarter commenced, the Hillel Heat continued their offensive onslaught, surprising Fasman Yeshiva with a quick layup before the Yeshiva’s players could fully step onto the court. “Guys, let’s go, D up,” exclaimed the Yeshiva’s number 12, rallying his team and refusing to give in. The Heat’s Charles Shayo, donning number 11, made a remarkable dive to save a ball, passing it to Eli Braha (number 2), who completed the layup in a breathtaking play, underscoring the Heat’s determination to capitalize on every scoring opportunity. The duo of Braha and Shayo proved unstoppable.

In the waning moments of the second quarter, Fasman Yeshiva’s Zev Kompel, number 13, was fouled and successfully converted two free throws. The quarter concluded with the Hillel Heat holding a commanding 41-23 lead.

Fasman Yeshiva commenced the third quarter with renewed determination, exemplified by Eli Vladimirskiy (number 34) sinking two crucial three-pointers within the first two minutes. With just a few minutes remaining in the third quarter, the Yeshiva found themselves trailing by only 14 points, reigniting hopes of a comeback. The Hillel Heat began to feel the pressure as Adir Amster (number 11) of the Yeshiva demonstrated his scoring prowess with a fourth three-pointer of the game. Coach Zvi Goldberg, urging his Heat players to thwart Amster, could sense the shift in momentum. The quarter ended with the Hillel Heat maintaining a 57-41 advantage.

In the fourth quarter, Adir Amster, number 11 for the Yeshiva, showcased his versatility with a skillful drive to the basket. The Heat, while still in the lead, began to display signs of fatigue. Both teams continued to battle tenaciously until the final whistle, but the Hillel Heat ultimately emerged victorious with a final score of 70-53. Fasman Yeshiva’s top scorer, Adir Amster, put up a valiant performance throughout the game. Eli Braha led the Heat in scoring with 26 points, closely followed by Joey Kassin (number 3) with 23 points.


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