Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

HAFTR Hawks Fly Above the Katz Yeshiva High School Storm with 73-66 Win

Get ready to dive into the action of this epic basketball showdown between HAFTR and Katz Yeshiva. The first quarter had both teams locked in a heated battle. Katz Yeshiva committed five fouls, while HAFTR had three to their name. When the quarter ended, HAFTR barely managed to take the lead with a score of 21-19.

Moving on to the second quarter, it was déjà vu as Katz and HAFTR continued to go head to head with both teams evenly trading bukets. But just as the second quarter was about to close, Katz Yeshiva scored a buzzer-beater, snatching the lead with a score of 34-31.

As the third quarter began, Katz Yeshiva maintained their lead, pulling ahead with a score of 38-31. However, HAFTR wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. They mounted a comeback, securing a slight lead of 5 points. So, by the end of the third quarter, the score was 51-46, still favoring HAFTR.

The fourth quarter rolled in, and Katz Yeshiva slowly but surely closed the gap. In the first minute, HAFTR was only ahead by 2 points, and after the first two minutes, the score was tied at 53. The tension in the arena was palpable. But in the final three minutes, HAFTR managed to pull ahead once again, securing a 5-point lead with the score at 60-55.

A pivotal moment occurred when HAFTR’s number 11 fouled out and was ejected from the game. The atmosphere in the arena was electric, and the outcome of this exciting matchup hung in the balance. In the last minute the tension is high, with HAFTR keeping their lead with the score being 68-62 with Katz having a total amount of 11 fouls. Throughout the game HAFTR consistently scored some of the best free throws in the whole tournament, contributing to them winning with the final score being 73-66. 

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