Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Kushner COBRAS slither forward, defeat AJA JAGUARS 68-27!

Some games define a tournament and indeed a generation of players. Future scholars will debate if the Kushner Cobras game against the AJA Jaguars at midnight in the Memphis JCC qualifies as such a game.  Kushner took an early lead, as the Jaguars seemed to start the game on the wrong foot.  Kushner steamrolled towards a 16 point lead. The Jaguars had a hard time getting around Kushner’s defense. Towards the end of the half, the Jaguars managed to get some points on the board. Towards the end, Kushner pushed some more and took a 36 point lead at the end of the first.

   At the start of the second Kushner pushes AJA to the limit. Out of desperation, they started fouling. AJA answered Kushner with some power but to no avail. Kushner pushes AJA.  AJA scores some more but they seem to be having some difficulty.

In the end, Kusner proved too good and won 68-27.

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