Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Lions claw past Stars 58-56

In the Tier I consolation game, the North Shore Stars faced off against The Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School Lions. North Shore started off strong with a layup right off the tip, and looked like they were going to be dominant in this game. However, the Lions took advantage of some great scoring opportunities with a clean three and layup, making the score 5-2 in their lead. With 3 minutes left in the first quarter, The Stars made a nice jump shot to make it a 1 point game, 5-4 the Lions lead. The quarter finished up with North Shore taking the lead back, 8-7, and their star player Levian getting his first points on the board. 

In the second quarter the Lions took back the lead, 12-11, with North Shore playing tight defense trying to get a possession to bring back their lead. However, the Lions kept their lead through, with some great defense of their own, along with great teamwork and communication. The Stars still kept the game close though, with some very aggressive (and sometimes overaggressive) defense, keeping it to a 5 point game. The Lions held the lead at the end of the first half, 25-20.

The Lions came out strong to start the second half, tying the game at 25 apiece. The Lions and the Stars kept on fighting for the lead, until North Shore took a 3 point lead, 34-31 with 2:30 left. The quarter ended with NSHA still in the lead, having slightly extended it to 41-37. 

The 4th quarter heated up, with fast points on both sides bringing the game 45-42 with 5:30 on the clock. The Lions got their team trailing right behind North Shore, making two free throws, bringing the game within 1 point, 45-44. With 4 minutes on the clock the Lions once more took the lead 46-45, with North Shore resorting to putting Jonah Kolaty back in with 4 fouls already. The Lions took the lead even further, 50-47 with only 3 minutes left in the quarter, the momentum of the game being able to go either way. In the end, the Lions powered on to a victory, 58-56 securing their win with 3 free throws.

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