Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Clock Strikes Midnight for THE Yeshiva, as Hillel Heat win 52-41!

The Skokie Yeshiva, after shocking everyone with a huge first round win and earning their spot in the premier Tier 1, looked to continue to show everyone they belonged. Unfortunately, things did not start in the Yeshiva’s favor with Hillel coming out strong in the 1st quarter, making all of their shots and shutting down Fasman.  The complete pressure frustrated Fasman, who looked confused and out of sorts at times,  as they failed to sink any of their shots. The Heat built up a commanding lead midway thorough the first, 14-2. Hillel kept this pressure up throughout the quarter, ending it leading by a score of 17-5.

The second quarter delivered more of the same. Hillel moved the ball around with ease, while keeping Fasman from setting up plays, and pushed their lead 21-7 midway through the 2nd. The Yeshiva was able to score a bit, but had no answer for the offensive prowess of Hillel, who continued to cruise, building their lead to 27-10 lead going into halftime. Things looked bleak for the Yeshiva, as it seemed the clock would soon strike midnight on their Cinderella ball.

But Fasman was not ready to leave the party just yet. They started the 3rd quarter with tenacious defense, causing multiple turnovers and scoring the first 9 points of the quarter. However, Hillel remained calm, knowing they had a decent cushion built up from the first half, and brought their lead back up to 12, 31-19 halfway through the 3rd quarter. Fasman began playing sloppy, allowing unnecessary turnovers as they ferociously tried to battle back into the game. Their rushed playing and poor shot selection did not allow for the comeback they were hoping for. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Hillel’s lead was back up to 16 points, 35-19.

In the 4th quarter, Skokie tried their best to catch up, making some nice layups and a  crisp three from behind the arc, but Hillel was still playing with the consistency they had all game; making their shots, and playing tight defense. At 41-27, with 5:30 left, the game seemed over. Fasman star, Schuman did his best to get his team to pull the game closer, making some amazing shots, forcing a turnover and converting it himself and followed with a 3 pointer, bringing the game to within 9 points, 41-32 Hillel lead, with 5 minutes left. The Yeshiva had momentum and felt that with enough careful play, they could eke this one out. They brought the game to within 8 points, 45-37 with 2:30 left, and the Yeshiva was desperately trying to keep up the fast pace of play they had been setting. With 35 seconds left, they got the game as close as 6 points, and began to foul in the hopes they could make up their difference. But with time running out to midnight, the Hillel Heat made calmly their last 4 free throws, and pulled out the Tier 1 win, 52-41. The Heat now move on the final four championship bracket, and Fasman is left wondering what could have been with some stronger first half play.

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