Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

CESJDS LIONS defang the Cobras; downs Kushner COBRAS 45-33!

The CESJDS Lions and Kushner Cobras came into the Tier II game today, hoping to redeem themselves and bring home a win. The Lions picked up the first bucket of the game by way of a three-pointer from Zev Katz. The Cobras come right back with Harry Stiel forcing a turnover and racing down the court for a layup. The Lions force a turnover, and Dani Offer scores on a beautiful play. The 1st quarter ends at a tie, 10-10. These teams are very well matched, and should be a close game.

The 2nd quarter started with Kushner being on point with their rebounds, and their passing game looking good with a quick basket from Jake Indyk. The Lions were are also getting some good looks; Ari Gershengorn made a jump shot to tie up the game. Kushner, being spurred on by the cheers of their teammates on the bench, tighten up their defense and start shutting the Lions down. The Cobras went into halftime up by one point, 18-17.

The 3rd quarter opens with Brian Epstein scoring the first points of the half with a layup for the Lions. This is looking like another yet tight battle, with each team scoring tit for tat, and the Lions keeping a 1 point lead. Coby Garber steals the lead back for the Cobras, forcing a turnover and scoring a layup at the basket. The Lions struggled to keep possession of the ball against the aggressive defense of the Cobras. The 3rd quarter ends in a tie, 29-29.

With the score at a tie, it’s flat out war in the 4th quarter. Offer sinks a 3-pointer, to put the Lions in a precarious lead. The Lions are playing a tight defense, making it hard for the Cobras to close the gap. The fouling by the Cobras may cost them the game, as Offer scores a pair of free throws with 30 seconds on the clock, bolstering the Lion’s lead. The Cobras put up a good fight, but their fouls come back to haunt them, and the Lions get the win by a final score of 45-33. The leading scorer for the Lions was Dani Ofer with points, and the Cobras were led by Gabe Plotsker with 11 points.

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