Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

“Quoth the Lions, nevermore” Scheck LIONS down Ravens 49-40!

In a marquee tier I matchup, the Scheck Lions took on the Rambam Ravens for the 3rd place tournament spot. The first quarter started off with a battle between Rambam and Scheck, both teams seemed determined to take the early lead. It was a close game but Rambam leads toward the end of the first by one point.  The Lions stormed back to take the lead but Rambam fights to reclaim it. With one minute they take their one point lead back.

 The second quarter starts off well and it is a tight battle between the 2 teams. As the  teams face off, Scheck started to pull away from Rambam. Rambam answered and started to get closer and Scheck now seemed to be having difficulty fighting against Rambam’s efforts. Rambam and Scheck were neck to neck and with thirty seconds leftand  both teams tried to score the final point before half time. None of them succeeded.

The third quarter started off as an on and off lead between the 2 teams. Scheck’s determination showed as they started to challenge Rambam. Rambam answered but Scheck’s defense was too hard to get around. At the last second of the 3rd quarter, Azose made a 3 point buzzer-beater.

In the last quarter Scheck had the lead. Rambam started putting in their last effort to close the 5 point gap between them. As the quarter reached the halfway point, Rambam called a time out to see how they can go and beat the lions. Unfortunately, as the game wound down, the Lions proved too difficult to overcome for the Ravens, as the Lions held on to win 49-40

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