Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

10-29-2010 | Hurricanes Hold off Fasman Yeshiva, Advance to Final Four

10-29-2010 | Hurricanes Hold off Fasman Yeshiva, Advance to Final Four

By Avi Kirshtein

A close game was expected when #5 seed Fasman Yeshiva, coming off of an unfortunate win over our very own Cooper Macs, played #4 seed Hillel Hurricanes who won a nice but expected victory over MAYHS yesterday. At halftime, spectators thought they weren’t going to see what they expected, as the Hillel Hurricanes nearly doubled Fasman Yehiva’s score in a 21-11 showdown. Things really did not change in the third quarter, as they continued to route the Fasman Yeshiva in a 30-15 beating.

Finally with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Fasman rallied back to pull themselves within 6 points of the Hurricanes. However, Hillel pulled away again a minute later to go up by twelve. Fasman Yeshiva desperately tried to make a comeback, but in the end, time ran out on them as Hillel won by a margin of 44-36. Kevin Salinas was blanketed with coverage all day, but it was the Fasman Yeshiva who were the ones lulled to sleep as he put up an impressive 19 points in the victory.

Fasman Yeshiva must quickly rebound from their loss in order to stay a competitive team in the tourney. Miami’s biggest challenges are far from over, as they await the winner of the MTA / Derech Hatorah winner in the Final Four.

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