Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

10-30-2010 | Cooper Macs become prey of Wolverines, fall 32-21

10-30-2010 | Cooper Macs become prey of Wolverines, fall 32-21

By Avi Kirshtein

The 12th seed Cooper Macs needed a win on Saturday night in order to get a chance to have a 500 record in the tournament after a mediocre 0-2 start, and the Westchester Wolverines just wanted to make a name for themselves as these two winless teams faced off in a big struggle for power among the last place teams in the tournament. The first quarter started off as a real defensive game as a mere 13 points were scored, and Westchester was on top 8-5. Things continued in this way for most of the second quarter, with many people getting fouled or knocked down until finally Matt Werner scored on a layup putting them ahead 10-5. After a couple more scores, the Macs trailed 12-6 in the very definition of a defensive game.

The third quarter of the game did not get much better for the Macs, as they were as they were trailing 22-14 at the start of the 4th quarter. Finally, with 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter and down by 9, the Macs needed to begin scoring if they wanted to have any hopes for a comeback. Unfortunately, the Macs lost any momentum they had from over the course of the game in those 4 minutes and lost once again in this tournament 32-21. With their victory, Westchester will face off against the winner of the Block vs. Atlanta game, but the only reassuring thing the Macs can motivate themselves with is that they will finish in the top 16.

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