Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-10-2011 | Cougars Take Bite out of Lions, 71-36

11-10-2011 | Cougars Take Bite out of Lions, 71-36

By Cooper Invitational Staff

With plenty of running and gunning and hard pressure defense in the first quarter, the Cougars and Lions both got their legs five minutes into the game and then the buckets started falling. Cougars Michael Bouaziz, Jacob Shapiro, and Judah Cohen put in three pointers to put the Cougars ahead 19-5 to end the quarter.

Frisch continued to pour it on in the second quarter with buckets by Jordan Hod, and Josh Ottenspser. Not to be outdone, Myles Ratner and Ben Brasch of the Atlanta Lions responded with big baskets underneath. The score at the half: Cougars 34, Lions 12.

Atlanta started the half with a 10 foot jumper by Myles Ratner followed by 2 free throws by Frisch and back to back buckets by Atlanta’s Ben Brasch. Ratner stole the ball deep inside Cougar territory and went coast to coast to end with a beautiful layup, TWICE in a Row! To counter, Judah Cohen stole the ball and stuffed it in underneath, which was then answered by a free throw and a reverse layup by Avi Goodfriend and a three pointer by Ratner.

Cougar Judah Cohen picked up a loose ball to start the final quarter and laid it in, then stole the ball again for another flying layup. Lions Yondi Kadosh and Samuel Kalnitz teamed up to score a pair of baskets late in the game to narrow the gap, but Atlanta couldn’t catch the Cougars, who won the game with a score of 71 -36.

The Cougars will continue on in Tier 1, facing Ida Crown, while the Lions will lick their wounds and play on in Tier 2 tomorrow.

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