Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-11-2011 | MTA Lions Defeat Cooper Macs, 45-30

11-11-2011 | MTA Lions Defeat Cooper Macs, 45-30

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The #5 MTA Lions #13 Cooper Yeshiva Macs in the first game of Tier I action on Day 2. MTA won the tip, as expected, as 6’6″ Zev Senter went up against a much smaller opponent. Justin Wruble hit the Macs first points of the game with a 3 pointer from NBA range. Jeremy Felder of the Lions answered with back to back threes as the quarter ended 9-7 Macs.

Asher Silbermann of the Macs scored the first bucket of the second quarter, increasing the Macs lead to four. Eli Osdoba drained a bucket, then stole the ball and scored again. Then, Felder snatched a rebound and ran the floor with Ethan Cooper on his heels. Cooper prevented the shot, got the ball, and ran coast to coast for a bucket. Bryan Itkowitz added three points and the Macs led at the half, 19-17.

The Lions were not quieted for long scoring 16 points in the third quarter to the Macs six. Bryan Itkowitz was a force inside, hauling rebound after rebound and Eli Osdoba hit two big baskets, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Lions and the third quarter ended Lions 33, Macs 25.

Bryan Itkowitz opened the fourth quarter with 2 quick baskets, but it was answered back with 2 baskets from Senter. The Macs used their speed and endurance, as they battled for the lead against the goliath from New York, who wouldn’t miss a free throw down the stretch. Even with the Macs strength, speed, and determination, the Lions proved the victor, winning 45-30.

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