Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-12-2011 | Beren Stars take down Fasman Yeshiva, 62-51, Advance to Tier 2 Championship

11-12-2011 | Beren Stars take down Fasman Yeshiva, 62-51, Advance to Tier 2 Championship

By Cooper Invitational Staff

On Saturday at 9 PM, the Beren Stars and Fasman Yershiva squared off in an epic Tier 2 showdown. Zach Yoshor and his teammates jumped out to a 13-4 lead late in the first quarter, while the frustrated Fasman Yeshiva was left in their tracks with no response. After a time out and some inspiration from Fasman’s coach, Fasman was able to pull within 5 and the first quarter ended with the Stars up 13-8.

The second quarter began with an energetic Fasman Yeshiva clawing their way back into the game and bringing it close again. With four minutes left in the half, Houston and Fasman were all tied up at 16, and Ari Silberstein had stolen the ball out of Houston’s hands multiple times leading to several quick buckets. Yoshor continued to dominate the game despite an aching leg, and at the end of the half, Houston pulled away with a slim 24-22 lead.

In the second half, no one who expected excitement was let down. Back and forth scoring was the theme with neither team being able to get a decent lead. Houston scratched and clawed the most out of all their opportunities despite Fasman’s efforts to contain them, and they managed to pull ahead 45-40 heading into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter began with neither team putting much on the board. As hard as Fasman fought, Zach Yoshor was really unable to be contained, and kept his Houston team ahead by 9 with less than 2 minutes to play. Fasman continued to play full throttle, but in the end their comeback efforts were futile, as Houston ran away with a solid victory, 62-51. Zach Yoshor led the Stars with 24 points, and Fasman Yeshiva was led by Ashti Schwartz with 12 points.

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