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11-3-2013 | Hurricanes Capture Tier 2 Consolation Game Over Fasman, 53-33

11-3-2013 | Hurricanes Capture Tier 2 Consolation Game Over Fasman, 53-33

By: Tani Finkelstein

The Schek Hillel Community School Hurricanes took on the Fasman Yeshiva High School in the Tier 2 Consolation Game. Fasman struggled to score at the start of the game, and the Hurricanes scored the first 7 points of the game. Fasman finally got their first points of the game midway through the quarter from their big man, Simmy Warso. Each team forced their share of turnovers throughout the quarter, and the score at the end of the first quarter was 9-4, Hillel. Hillel guard Daniel Chayon finished with 7 points in the quarter.

In the second quarter, Fasman missed a lot of easy buckets and Chayon continued to do well for Hillel, giving the Hurricanes a healthy lead. They sustained their lead throughout the quarter, but Fasman stayed within reach. A three-pointer from guard Elisha Rosenwasser put Fasman within six, and the score at the end of the half was 20-14, Hillel. Chayon had 11 in the first half alone.

In the third quarter, Hillel went on an 11-2 run, capped off by a three-pointer by Nissam Franco which gave them a 15 point lead. Fasman turned it over even more and after a three-pointer from Jacques Kaswan, the Hurricanes extended their lead to 20. Fasman struggled to score throughout the quarter and allowed second shot opportunities for Hillel, who outscored Fasman in the quarter, 24-4. The Hurricanes came out of the quarter with a whopping, 44-18 lead.

In the fourth quarter, Fasman came out strong, going on a 4-0 run, but were countered by a three-pointer from Hillel’s Jose Serafty, who finished with 11 on the game. Hillel continued to dominate and Fasman continued to miss, and Hillel remained in control throughout the quarter. The final score was 53-33, in favor of Hillel. Daniel Elfenbein was the high scorer for Fasman, scoring 8 points, and the high scorer for Hillel was Daniel Chayon, who scored 19 points on the game.

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