Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-3-2013 | Lions get their Roar on, defeat Wolfpack 56-41

11-3-2013 | Lions get their Roar on, defeat Wolfpack 56-41

By: Shmuel Meir Perl

In the battle to stay out of the Cooper Invitational basement, the Yeshiva Atlanta Lions took on the Waterbury Wolfpack. Moshe Eis started the scoring for the Wolfpack, but Josh Weismann of Atlanta hit a layup to tie it up. Both teams scored again, but a steal and a Myles Ratner bank shot put Atlanta up 6-4. Eis hit a three for Waterbury, but Atlanta scored again to take back the lead. Both teams hit threes, but an Avi Zern shot put Waterbury up by one. At the end of the quarter, the score was 12-11 with Waterbury in the lead.

Atlanta took back the lead early in the second quarter with a Sam Kalintz putback. They continued to score, going on a 4-0 run to put them up by five. After a Joey Siegel free throw for Atlanta, Watebury went on a 4-0 run to cut the Lions’ lead down to two. Atlanta responded with a 6-2 run to put them up 24-18. Then the Wolfpack went on a 6-0 run, led by Nafti Gruenberg, to tie up the game. With 12 seconds left, Waterbury hit a free throw to make the score 25-24 in their favor going into halftime.

Dovid Schiller scored the first points of the second half for Waterbury with a fastbreak layup, and followed it up with three free throws to give the Wolfpack a six point lead. After a DC Lowinger three, Atlanta went on a 10-0 run to give them a three point lead. With one second left in the third, Josh Weissmann hit a jumper to put Atlanta up 38-33.

Waterbury scored the first points in the fourth quarter off of a Dovid Schiller jumper, but not long after Elliot Dosetarah of Atlanta, laid it in to keep up the pace. Atlanta continued to score, going on a 7-0 run behind Guard Joey Siegel. Moshe Eis ended the run with a corner three to put Waterbury within ten. Both teams scored again, but Atlanta sealed the game with a couple of layups. The final score was 56-41 for the Lions who finished in 15th place, leaving Waterbury in 16th place. The high scorer for Waterbury was Dovid Schiller with 13 points and the high scorer for Atlanta was Sam Kalintz with 16 points.

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