Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-5-2015 | DRS Wildcats Tame AJA Jaguars, 90-39

11-5-2015 | DRS Wildcats Tame AJA Jaguars, 90-39

By: Ezra Cooper

The second game of the Cooper Invitational featured the #1 seed DRS Wildcats against the Atlanta Jewish Academy Jaguars.

The tip went to DRS as they started the game out on a 13-3 run. The DRS Wildcats dominated with a strong offense with fantastic ball movement and an up tempo 3-2 defense. The Wildcats dominated the 1st quarter with steals and blocks. Gabe Leifer blocked Atlanta to the bleachers nearly every time the Jaguars entered the paint, and Yoav Deutsch produced fast break after fast break with big time steals. The Wildcats offense ran through arguably the number one player in the tournament, Gabe Leifer. Atlanta’s offense struggled mightily, scoring at a slow rate and turning the ball over extremely too often.

In the 2nd quarter, DRS continued to dominate, as their defense was tight and their offense was aggressive. Atlanta continued to struggle offensively. DRS was able to come through in the 2nd quarter with their second unit. Tzvika Septimus provided a big spark off the bench for DRS in the second quarter, as he contributed 4 points and 2 rebounds. For Atlanta, Dustin Dayani knocked down a couple of free throws. The leading scorers at the half were Yoav Deutsch with 16 points for DRS and Dustin Dayani with 7 points for the Jaguars. DRS lead at the half 47-15.

In the third quarter, DRS continued to pile on the points, as Atlanta did their best to get back in the contest. DRS started the half on 9-0 run which lead to an Atlanta timeout. After the timeout, Dustin Dayani rattled a three down the pipe. Dayani then took a charge, and gave Atlanta some momentum, but DRS immediately answered back, as Yoav Deutch continued to spark the Wildcats, as he assisted, scored, and defended exceptionally. Heading to the 4th quarter, DRS had a 74-22 lead. Atlanta’s only chance was a miracle from Hashem.

In the 4th quarter, DRS continued to control the one-sided affair. The lone spark for the Atlanta Jaguars was the knockdown shooter Dustin Daynai. He was the lone Jaguar to get going in the game. DRS had a very balanced scoring effort in the 4th quarter from their second unit. From DRS, Yoav Deutsch led the way with 23 points and 2 rebounds. Yoav Deutsch had 23 points for the Wildcats. From Atlanta, Dustin Dayani led the way with 19 points and 6 rebounds.

The Wildcats remain in Tier I and face the YHS Storm on Friday, while the Jaguars move into Tier II.

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