Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-7-2015 | de Toldeo Jaguars Topple Scheck Hillel Lions 59-47, Advance to Tier 2 Championship

11-7-2015 | de Toldeo Jaguars Topple Scheck Hillel Lions 59-47, Advance to Tier 2 Championship

By: Akiva Finkelstein

The second Tier 2 semi-final of the nigh featured the #1 de Toledo Jaguars against the #4 Scheck Hillel Lions. The Lions won the opening tip, but were unable to score. The Jaguars got off to a great start, with a 7-0 run to kick things off. They continued to hold onto a large lead throughout the quarter, with Michael Stavinsky and Ezra Emanuel contributing greatly. The quarter ended 11-2, with de Toledo in the lead.

In the 2nd quarter, the Jaguars played tight defense, and forced Hillel into making bad passes and taking bad shots. The Jaguars kept their lead throughout, and Hillel continued to miss their shots and turn over the ball. Even with a few points from Ben Zafrani, Hillel struggled to stop De Toledo, and couldn’t score on their opportunities on offense. De Toledo finished the half up 32-12. The leading scorer for de Toledo was Ezra Emanuel with 9 points, and for the Hillel Lions it was Zafrani with 8 points.

In the 3rd quarter, Hillel played better, but it wasn’t good enough. Zafrani and Jacky Klainbaum were key scorers for the Lions, but Emanuel, Stavinsky, Etai Bernstein, and Jason Ofman all played very well for the Jaguars giving them a comfortable lead. They held a solid 15-20 point lead throughout the quarter. The quarter ended with the Jaguars up 47-28.

In the 4th quarter, de Toledo continued pushing the ball, and overall just playing well. Even with Klainbaum and Zafrani in double digits, de Toledo was able to hold onto their lead. Hillel cut the lead to 11 at one point, but De Toledo got to the line, allowing them to win 59-47. The leading scorer for the Hillel Lions was Jacky Klainbaum with 17 points, and for de Toledo it was Ezra Emanuel with 8 points. The win puts the Jaguars into the Tier 2 championship, while the loss moved the Lions into the Tier 2 consolation bracket.

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