Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-1-2013 | Tigers Tame Bulldogs 65-56, move to Final Four

11-1-2013 | Tigers Tame Bulldogs 65-56, move to Final Four

By: Shmuel Meir Perl

In the third game of the day, the #8 Yavneh Bulldogs from Dallas, Texas faced off against the #1 Chicagoland Tigers from Chicago, Illinois. Yavneh was the first team to score after an opening possession David Rudomin layup. Rudomin scored again with three minutes gone by in the first to put Yavneh up 4-0. CJHS scored its first bucket off a Jeremy Goodman jumper, and then tied it up with an Avidan Halivni layup. Chicagoland then went on a little 3-0 run, but two Sam Kleinman fast break layups put Yavneh up again by one. Both teams scored again, and at the end of the first quarter the score was 10-9 in favor of Yavneh.

Adam Karnett scored first in the second quarter for Dallas, but Josh Newlander made two free throws for the Tigers to keep it a one point game. Both teams scored once again, but then CJHS went on a 4-0 run led by start guard Josh Newlander. Both teams made free throws, but a Josh Wolf putback with two minutes left made it a 22-18 game. With a minute left in the half, the Bulldogs went on a 6-1 run, but a Josh Newlander layup put Chicagoland back up by one. Then both teams scored to close out the first half with the score 27-26 in favor of the Tigers.

Both teams battled back and forth in the third quarter with baskets on almost every play. Although the Tigers remained in control, Yavneh was right behind them. With four minutes left in the third, Josh Newlander hit a big three to put the Tigers up by four. Then Chicago went on an 8-2 run led by Avidan Halivni and Josh Silverman. Yavneh had three blocks in the last 10 seconds to prevent the Tigers from getting up a shot, but the Tigers still led 48-38.

CJHS started the fourth quarter with a bang after a Hillel Schwatz corner three. Adam Karnett of Yavneh, countered with his own three to put Yavneh within ten points. Then Karnett hit another three to make it 51-44 Chicagoland. After that, Josh Newlander scored four points on the other end to push the lead back out. Yavneh came back with a 6-0 run, led by Sam Kleinman, to make it a five point game. Both teams scored two more times, but an Avidan Halivni free throw with 45 seconds left sealed the game. The final score was 65-56. The CJHS Tigers advance to the Tier I semifinals. The high scorer for CJHS was Josh Newlander with 26 points, and the high man for the Yavneh Bulldogs was Adam Karnett with 19 points.

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