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11-12-2011 | NSHA Stars Shine Bright over NCJHS Jaguars, 65-53

11-12-2011 | NSHA Stars Shine Bright over NCJHS Jaguars, 65-53

By Avi Kirshtein

Late Saturday night, a talented Northshore Stars team went head to head against the NCJHS Jaguars of California in a tier 2 matchup. Northshore looked flawless, and they immediately jumped to a sizeable lead. Northshore continued to increase their lead, and by the end of the 1st quarter, the score was 18-10 with Northshore on top.

The second quarter started out with a defensive struggle, but Northshore really ran it up on the underdog Jaguars. Northshore continued to pull ahead despite a beautiful spin move and layup by NCJHS’ Micah Getzug with 5 minutes left in the half. With 4 minutes left to play, Northshore was in the lead 24-13. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, Northshore continued relentlessly, and at halftime they led 32-17 proving to NCJHS that they will have their hands full keeping Northshore in check.

The 3rd quarter’s structure of point scoring did not differ from the previous half. Northshore ran ahead 40-17 early in the 3rd quarter. After a short lived spark that earned NCJHS 5 points, the Jaguars received a technical for 6 men on the court, and the score went to 43-24 late in the 3rd quarter. After a 2 foul shots and a layup in the time span of 3 seconds by Daniel Ozer-Ross, an accurate bucket scored by Josh Moahmi, and a couple of foul shots by Micah Getzug, NCJHS showed signs of a potential comeback bringing the score closer 45-32.

The 4th quarter started with some back and forth scoring, and with just 4 minutes left to play, NCJHS had somehow managed make the game interesting again bringing the score to 50-44. Back and forth scoring continued, and with 2 minutes left in the game, the score was 59-50 in favor of Northshore. Despite a hard fight and a late comeback attempt by the Jaguars, Northshore outplayed the Jaguars 65-53. Jeremy Zborowski led the Stars with 32 points and Edan Evenhaim led the Jaguars with 21 points.

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